Increasing your Site’s Ranking on Baidu SERP

Baidu SEO : On-page optimization

1).Creating high-quality content regularly

If your website has been ranking well on Baidu in the past, newly published content with simple keyword targeting can often outrank competitors, even if the content has fewer backlinks.

If your website has already ranked well on Baidu, it is easier to continue to do so if you have freshly published content with targeted keywords even if there are not many backlinks. But if your site is new, it will take around 6 months or longer to build up your web presence. Baidu favors new content more so than in comparison to Google. Although originality is not emphasized by the search engine, parallelisms from other sites and pages is punished by the search engine and unique content does make better rankings. To prevent your original content from being copied by other sites, make sure you submit new content to Baidu immediately after publishing via Baidu’s Webmaster Tool.

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2).Defining a keyword planning strategy

Finding the right keyword list is the first step to defining a keyword strategy for your Baidu SEO campaign. Typically, search suggestion (autocomplete), related searches, Baidu keyword planner tools like Baidu Top Keywords – Live Keyword Feed, Baidu Index, Baidu Keyword Research Tool(available if you have a PPC account and the registration is free), paid search data, search engines’ webmaster tools (e.g. Google Search Console or Baidu Webmaster Tools) are common places to look for extra keywords.

After deciding on which keywords to use, the next step is how and where to allocate them.

Baidu tends to require a higher keyword density (around 8%-12%) than that of Google to rank higher. However, it only has a positive effect on Baidu SEO provided that the keywords flow smoothly and are relevant to the content and the brand. Keyword stuffing happens when some brands’ attempts to reach a high keyword density via unnatural stuffing of targeted keywords.


3).Use appropriate tags and descriptions

Baidu’s ranking algorithm looks at tags and descriptions as a way to process relevant keywords and descriptions. You are encouraged to place your company’s name or important keywords at the top of every page on your site by Baidu.

Even though JavaScript is widely used by most websites nowadays, Baidu is a bit behind when it comes to processing JavaScript.  If you used any JavaScript and CSS libraries or other CDN hosted files on your website, please keep in mind that they should also be hosted from within China.

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