Baidu SEO : Off-page optimization

1).Baidu Webmaster Tools

Much like how Google has its key SEO and content tools for brands and marketers to use and monitor campaigns, Baidu’s equivalent is the Baidu Webmaster Tools. It has various features for webmasters under six categories including site management, data submission, site configuration, site analysis, site security, and other tools.

Some of the most useful features include validating an HTTPS site with Baidu, applying for brand terms protection, automatically submitting content to Baidu for indexation, submitting broken links to Baidu, minimizing negative SEO effects caused by site migration, etc.

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2).Optimize backlinks for Baidu SEO

Creating great content will bring organic traffic to your site. However, to get the most exposure, you need to also proactively promote your content.

To optimize your promotion efforts, identifying the right websites to promote to will be very important for your brand exposure. Ideally, the desired website should be authoritative, relevant to your brand and contain a diverse range of content.

To jump-start link prospecting, here are 3 suggestions:

  • Pick sites that rank well in your targeted keywords;
  • Analyze the value of a backlink from these sites
  • Reach out to the sites that backlink to your competitors’ site on related topics, they might be willing to backlink to your site as well. Furthermore, check if they have any broken links to competitor sites or content on your site that may work better than the competitor site they’re currently linking to, and try to get the link replaced with yours.


As with any Chinese digital strategy, there is a wide range of facets to consider, and we understand that getting set up with Baidu SEO can be overwhelming. If you have any questions about creating a Baidu account or want a better understanding of SEM and SEO marketing in China, contact us!

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